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Welcome to my personal website!

This has been on my bucket list for a while. Scroll around and tell me what you think!

How I did it

  • Scrolled through my friends' websites (like this, this, this, and this) and came across this mutual friend's website, which was the main inspiration behind this one

  • Drafted my website on figma, which included finding a color scheme from here and looking here for icon inspiration

  • Borrowed my pal's iPad and drew/wrote .png files on Procreate

  • Kindly asked my other pal Vidya to teach me how to make those raster files into vector files in Adobe Illustrator to retain image quality (I also used this free online website)

  • Built this website from scratch on wix


  • I noticed that most websites in my field relied on pretty pictures of their ecosystems - I wanted to stand out and add a unique and personal touch, inspired by my friends in graphic design.

  • I wanted to challenge myself to draw and create something totally out of my normal wheelhouse over winter break.

  • It affirmed me to display my accomplishments. Helps with the impostor syndrome!

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