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My science engagement and activism goals are two-fold: (1) to create space for traditionally underrepresented voices in the sciences and (2) to make science personally relevant to broader publics. While these efforts may involve translating jargon, they oftentimes require considering the larger structural barriers that have historically excluded people from STEM. I regularly advise on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) issues at the University of Rhode Island and center my work and activism around these values.

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U. Rhode Island - Teaching Assistant

NRS 223 (Sp-20) Conservation Biology

NRS 417 (Sp-19) Herpetology

NRS 100 (Sp-19) Natural Resources Conservation

BIO 262 (F-18) Introductory Ecology


Rice University - Instructor on Record


COLL 127 (Fall '17)

Sea(food) Differently: A Fishy Investigation of Marine Resource Use



teaching materials available upon request!


Click on the icons below to be redirected to some of my non-academic science writing, including opinion pieces, general research and conference summaries, and creative non-fiction nature writing. My pieces have been published in a book, newspaper blogs, and university magazines.

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Undergraduate ocean science art project and showcase 


Letter writing program with middle school classrooms demystifying science careers and higher ed

[STEM professional participant]

Themed science and culture event series in Providence, RI  [co-organizer]

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Undergraduate student organization involved in marine science outreach, education, and professional development [co-founder]


Professional Learning Community facilitating discussions of diversity, inclusion, and equity in STEM [charter member]

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